March 23, 2016

‘Virtual You’ Workshop

Modern communication technology concept with student guy in glasses

The ‘Video Killed the Radio Star’ course

The reality of business nowadays is that more and more of our ‘meetings’ and ‘interactions’ are happening in a virtual environment. Conference calls and video meetings are becoming the norm. This course is designed to make sure that participants are able to hold useful, impactful and powerful virtual meetings every time.

Holding a conference call or virtual meeting has a huge amount of obstacles: you are not face to face, you might have to deal with bad connections, people being unfocused, people putting the call on mute, people who are not interacting. With practice, tips and techniques this course helps participants to overcome these obstacles and hold more effective conference  calls.

A practical course keeping you on your toes, with plenty of individual coaching and feedback.

At the end of the course you will:

  • Understand and be able to avoid conference call blunders
  • Know how to prepare for a conference call
  • Be able to effectively chair and lead virtual ‘meetings’
  • Use your voice and energy to keep an audience engaged
  • Use storytelling, image and metaphor to help your audience understand
  • Speak with gravitas
  • Be able to use notes effectively
  • Get yourself heard

We will use practical rehearsals to simulate the pressures of virtual meetings and conference calls so you can try out your learning and get professional and personal feedback and coaching.

Currently designed for One Day (9am to 5pm) – Groups of 10 participants