March 23, 2016

Presentation Skills Workshop

Image of pretty businesswoman jumping high against financial background

The ‘Stand & Deliver’ course

This course is designed to help participants be able to deliver presentations and public speaking with power, confidence and presence.

Participants leave being able to inspire, persuade, lead and motivate every audience they speak to with authenticity and impact.

I understand that ‘Public Speaking’ is high up on everyone’s list of fears. I help to take away that fear and help participants to build their own unique presenting style. With filming and playback you will be able to see your presentation skills improve across the day.

A practical course keeping you on your toes, with plenty of individual coaching and feedback.

At the end of the course you will:

  • have new ways to prepare and structure presentations
  • be able to tailor your presentation to your audience
  • understand the power of your breath
  • be able to use your non-verbal toolkits
  • understand and be able to harness your nerves
  • improve and understand your body language
  • have built your charisma
  • understand your unique communication style
  • have built your self confidence

You will have constant practice to implement the learning, along with personal and professional feedback. You will leave as a more confident, focused and powerful presenter with a toolkit full of tips and techniques to use whenever the pressure is on.

Currently designed for One Day (9am to 5pm) – Groups of 10 participants