March 23, 2016

Impact Workshop

Emotional businessman breaking stone wall with karate punch

The ‘True Colours’ Course

This course helps people to discover who they are and how they come across to others. Participants leave with a better assessment of their unique personal impact and how they can present their true self in its best light.

Participants leave this course as themselves, not someone else, we build around what they already possess naturally and how they can use that to their best advantage.

Attending this course strengthens and sustains practical confidence, communication and personal impact skills – thus improving interpersonal relationships both in and out of the workplace.

A practical course keeping you on your toes, with plenty of coaching and feedback.

At the end of the course you will:

  • Have identified the ‘true you’ vs the ‘false you’
  • Be able to make a lasting first impression
  • Understand and appreciate what motivates you and others
  • Be more aware of body language and be able to use it effectively
  • Understand how best to use your own communication style
  • Understand how to appear confident
  • Have greater self-confidence

Through a series of exercises and scenarios you will gain relevant and useful skills for immediate implementation, that will allow you to be more effective in meetings and hold the floor with authority and better influence with those around you.

Currently designed for One Day (9am to 5pm) – Groups of 10 participants