March 10, 2022

Data Storytelling

I look forward to welcoming you to the forthcoming ‘Data Storytelling’ Session.

Data is used to make decisions, to shape business and to understand the world but if it is presented badly then it can be complicated, mysterious, and boring. The goal of this session is to help you to be able to present data in a compelling way so that your audience will both understand it and remember it.

You will leave with frameworks, structures and the confidence to use narrative structure to interpret and explain data in the most meaningful and memorable way.

You are surrounded by stories: commercials, newspaper articles, documentaries, podcasts, movies, books.

Before the class I would like you to start noticing the stories that you read, listen to, or watch. Start to think about what patterns you notice in them or the common ingredients which make up a story.

Make a list of at least three ‘elements’ of a story, you will be sharing these in small discussion groups at the start of our class.

Below are just a few examples of my favourite stories to get you started …

Some Story Examples:

Data Story Examples:

To get you to start thinking about using storytelling and narrative as a way to convey data to an audience please watch the following examples and think about how the presenter uses narrative, metaphor, anecdote and visuals to tell a ‘data story’.