September 3, 2019

From Conflict to Dialogue Prework

To help you prepare for the upcoming session, please watch the video below from Judy Ringer, the author of Turn Enemies Into Allies, and then spend some time answering the following questions as they will help you to prepare your thoughts for the upcoming session.


Consider some of the common disagreements you face in your relationships, in your teams, or in your organisation. Consider any conversations which if handled well could significantly improve results that are important to you personally.

Choose one conversation you’re either putting off, dreading, or avoiding altogether!

In short, think of a conversation that if you handled well, would improve results significantly. It can be a big issue, or quite a small one. The main point is that resolving it would make life better for you and the other person – it would improve results, change behaviours or simply improve your relationship.

If you have trouble thinking of one, consider a project that is stuck and identify the conversation that needs to happen to move it forward.


Now spend some time (I suggest 15 minutes) to consider and answer these following questions prior to the session.

You will NOT share these answers with anyone. This is confidential pre-work to get you to start thinking of situations which are important to you and this will help you to identify the useful concepts at the session.

  • What do you want to happen as a result of the conversation?

For yourself

For the other person

For the relationship

  • What do you NOT want to happen?

For yourself

For the other person

For the relationship

  • What do you think are the potential ‘emotional‘ issues here? Why are you/they avoiding it?

How might it make you feel?

How might it make them feel?

  •  What are the good reasons to have this conversation?
  • What are the good reasons not to have this conversation?


I look forward to seeing you in the virtual classroom soon.