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1:1 Presentations | Public Speaking Coaching

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About Me

communications and confidence coach | Bringing some Show to your Business

"You already have all of the skills and assets which you need to become outstanding
~ I can help you identify and harness them."

My purpose is to help others find their confidence, voice, individuality and power.

I understand that negative thinking keeps most people from doing their best, so my workshops help free people from their nerves and all these mental blocks which get in their way.

I truly believe that learning should be fun so I aim to bring a sense of fun and play to everything I do. I am friendly and non-judgemental.

I have been acting professionally for over twenty years and coaching and developing individuals on and off 'stage' for over ten years - I bring all of my unique experience, energy and enthusiasm to every encounter.

I provide unique and memorable solutions and training sessions which help people to communicate effectively and with credibility, both internally and externally.

I provide focused and relevant training and development programs in order to increase individual, team and organisational performance and help to raise the quality of face to face client engagements.

I offer entertaining and informative talks and keynote speeches on personal brand identity, charisma, communication. motivation and more - these are built around my interesting and fun experiences as a professional actor.

I am a certified NLP Practitioner.

I am a senior Personal Impact & Communications Consultant at Mission Performance Ltd

What I do

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Professional Actor for 20+ years
I have been a professional actor for over twenty years. My career has spanned the small screen, the big screen and the stage. From the cobbles of Coronation Street to the musicals of the West End.
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Workshops & Seminars
I provide unique, fun, and memorable training sessions in the areas of communication, presentation skills, personal impact, teamwork and confidence. I help to bring some ‘Show’ to your business!
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Engaging, educational & FUN keynote speaker
I offer entertaining and informative talks, built around my experiences as a professional actor. I have presented everywhere from the big business boardrooms of corporate USA to the Oil Rigs in the middle of the North Sea.
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1 on 1 Personal & Executive Coaching
My warm, encouraging coaching style helps others find their inner confidence and authentic self. I can improve your general public speaking skills or help you improve a specific pitch or presentation.